Winter archipelago excursion

“I had an amazing experience with Taiga Times in February. After two tours (Winter Wonderland and Archipelago), I left the forest feeling like an expert on local birds and vegetation - I definitely didn’t come in that way! Jeff is just a very knowledgeable and engaging guide. Finally, I have to say the food we had a lunch was better than anything I could have found in town even though that wasn’t really the point.” - Laura

Natural winter beauty in Finland’s wild archipelago

Join us to experience a unique side of Finland, the quiet nature side. A walk in the archipelago highlights why Finland is one of the best outdoor destinations year-round and why Finns enjoy their peace and quiet.

This day trip starts from Helsinki and takes us to Porkkalanniemi; a scenic peninsula which reaches out into the midst of one of the world’s largest archipelagos.

Immerse yourself in the wild side of Finland

A walk into the forest brings us on a nature trail with countless smaller trails made by deers, foxes, moose and more! During the winter time our path in the snow has been created by visitors from the past and you can follow in the guide’s footsteps. You get to enjoy the quiet and magical winter forest and freezing waters of the sea in the archipelago.

Because of Porkkalas location, it is a great place to see foxes, deer, and moose!

We believe that nature heals. Surrounded by natural wonders and incredibly diverse habitats this half-day in the archipelago will leave you wanting to rekindle your love for the outdoors.

• Lookout points of breathtaking archipelago scenery
• Amazing photographing opportunities
• Easy walk designed for all levels of fitness
• Campfire lunch and coffee/tea with a seaside view

If you would like to have this trip as a private tour or booking with less than 16 hours before the start time, please contact us here.

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Journey for the day

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From Start to Finish: Your Journey for the Day

A walk through diversity
Our walk begins on a forest trail leading into an open-rock area which is the first display of the many diverse areas Porkkala has to offer. This open-rock area will give us the opportunity to see what effects coastal weather has on the near-by forest. Pine trees that are used to standing tall and true are forced to grow into short disfigured trees which reach for the forest inland.

Dramatic landscapes where the forest meets the sea
As the walk continues, we will find ourselves with a picturesque coastal view and two wilderness shelters where we will build a fire to prepare our lunch. Along the coast we can explore the land and seascapes to admire the raw beauty where the forest meets the sea.

Warming up by a campfire
After some exploration, we will warm up and enjoy a Finnish-style lunch over a campfire. After the lunch it is time to head back to the starting point and get back to the civilization. Perhaps an afternoon sauna would be a nice way to end the day!