About us

Our story

We are a Finnish-Canadian couple with a great love for the outdoors

Our story began in Australia and since then we have explored the world together by planes, trains, automobiles, and everything in between. We met in 2014 and have settled down in Finland which has been one of our favourite outdoor destinations to date. It is a serene and charming paradise for those seeking outdoor adventure.

Our passion comes from discovery

Every time we step outside, we learn more about our surroundings and, ultimately, ourselves. In Finland we don’t have ancient temples or modern skyscrapers. What we do have is pristine unspoiled wilderness with thousands of lakes and trails connecting, which we can travel comfortably by. It would seem that we have one of the last slices of true wilderness in Europe.

Our home is your home

We founded Taiga Times in summer 2019 because we want to show you our beautiful home and be there with you, to make it a safe and authentic nature experience that you will remember for the rest of your life!

Jeff is the Canadian one, who has studied to be a wilderness guide here in Finland. With his own experiences and what he has learned in his studies he has professional knowledge of our nature and wildlife and always happy to share this knowledge with you. He will take you out to the wilderness and make sure every trip leaves you wanting to explore more and doing it safely.

Kiia is the Finnish one, who has studied tourism and hospitality management. As much as she loves to be outdoors, you won’t see her too often in the woods because she will be taking care of marketing, bookings, and administration.

If you have any questions for us, you can contact us here or by sending email directly to info@taigatimes.com.

The foundation of Taiga Times
is based in the following values


We strive to provide guides, equipment, and locations of the highest standard to create a safe and authentic experience for our guests.



We are committed to making responsible and ethical choices that respect nature and local cultures. This includes investing in local services and products, and being mindful of our impact on the environment for future generations. We believe in inclusivity and welcome guests from all backgrounds to join our tours.


Customer Experience

We value customer satisfaction above all else, and we listen carefully to your wishes and needs to ensure the best possible experience for you. We welcome your feedback to continually improve our offerings.


Taiga Times Ltd. Is an environmentally responsible company. We are always taking the well-being of our planet into consideration prior to any significant decision.

We treat all our guests, employees, and locals in a respectful and equal manner regardless of their cultural background, sexual orientation, gender expression, political interests or religion. We love to learn from different cultures and respect every walk of life around the world.

There are three aspects of sustainability we take into consideration.


By using designated trails and prioritizing recyclability in our activities, we mitigate harm to nature. Additionally, we always teach guests about our Leave No Trace way of camping, which is a powerful way you can help prevent harm during your stay.


We respect everyone and want to support local communities by utilizing their services whenever possible. We teach our guests about Finnish culture and what makes us unique.


Purchasing local products develops the local economy and supports local businesses. We have picked special destinations for you to take advantage of lesser known areas and help balance the flow of international visitors to new areas.

Read more about our sustainability plan and actions here.