Our Responsibility


The foundation of Taiga Times
is based in the following values


Providing a guide, equipment, and locations of the highest standard.
High quality standards help to create a safe and authentic experience.


We respect nature by making responsible and ethical choices. By doing so, we are taking care of our environment for years to come. We also respect local culture by investing in their services and products.

Customer Service

We want to keep you happy. We will always intently listen to you and do our best to fulfill your wishes and needs. As you explore our home, your feedback will be of utmost value to us so we can give you the best experience possible.


Taiga Times Ltd. Is an environmentally responsible company. We are always taking the well-being of our planet into consideration prior to any significant decision.

We treat all our guests, employees, and locals in a respectful and equal manner regardless of their cultural background, sexual orientation, gender expression, political interests or religion. We love to learn from different cultures and respect every walk of life around the world.

There are three aspects of sustainability we take into consideration.


By using designated trails and prioritizing recyclability in our activities, we mitigate harm to nature. Additionally, we always teach guests about our Leave No Trace way of camping, which is a powerful way you can help prevent harm during your stay.


We respect everyone and want to support local communities by utilizing their services whenever possible. We teach our guests about Finnish culture and what makes us unique.


Purchasing local products develops the local economy and supports local businesses. We have picked special destinations for you to take advantage of lesser known areas and help balance the flow of international visitors to new areas.