National Park and Sauna tour from Helsinki

Explore a National Park and a traditional Finnish sauna by a lake

Experience the relaxing and refreshing effects of the taiga forest on this day hike in Sipoonkorpi national park. Enjoy a campfire barbecue in the national park and top it all off with a visit to a traditional Finnish smoke sauna.

Feel the calming effect of the forest

During this experience, you will get to discover the beauty of Sipoonkorpi national park with a professional wilderness guide. The guide will lead you through forested trails stopping along the way to learn about Finnish wildlife and nature. Our trail leads us to a rocky vista overlooking a freshwater lake where we will have a campfire barbecue.

After a delicious lunch, we will continue our walk to the smoke sauna (A total of 6km). Time to relax, go for a swim, and enjoy a traditional Finnish smoke sauna.

• Discover the beauty of Finland in a national park
• Easy and rewarding hike with a barbecue lunch
• Enjoy sauna with locals in a safe environment
• A truly local experience with food, sauna, and swimming!


Warming up to Traditions

As we sit in the sauna which is heated to around 80-100 degrees Celsius, water is thrown on the rocks - this is called löyly. This sends a wave of heat throughout the sauna, which in turn brings relaxation!

Sit, Sweat, Swim, Repeat!

After the sweat, comes the swim! We will step outside to cool down and breathe in the fresh air. The sauna is located next to a freshwater lake so dipping in the lake is highly encouraged and extremely refreshing! After our dip, we will head back into the sauna to warm up again. With each dip comes more pleasure and we believe three swims is the magic number.

If you are brave enough to join us in the winter we will go for the famous arctic dip in the ice water!

If you would like to have this trip as a private tour, please contact us here.

Journey for the Day

Start of the day:
Meet your guide infront of Kiasma museum and depart from Helsinki @ 11:00 A.M.
Address: Mannerheiminaukio 1H

Relax on a quick 30-minute drive from Helsinki to the sauna & national park area
In the national park and sauna:
This enchanting excursion starts with an overview of the national park's map, saunas, and a briefing on the day's activities..

You will spend 3.5 hours in the national park including a 1 hour lunch break. During the walk you will learn about Finnish nature and sauna culture.

Upon returning to the sauna, everyone will get changed and go down to the sauna. You will be using the sauna for around 1 hour including swim breaks.
End of the day:
The guide will drop you off at the meeting point at approximately 5 P.M.
Please note that, on some occasions, arrival times back to Helsinki may vary.