A National Park tour from Helsinki

Explore Helsinki's best-kept secret: Liesjärvi National Park.

Exploring a national park is a must when visiting Finland! This full day tour in a national park is a relaxing hike and outstanding nature experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life!

Not only will our professional wilderness guide teach you about Finnish nature and culture but he will also be cooking an impressive Finnish-style meal over a fire.

• Experience pristine nature in an uncrowded national park
• Learn about local plants and wildlife from a professional guide
• Test your senses and feel the benefits of nature
• Finnish-style dining experience in the forest

Explore the winding trails of an esker, identify wild foods, and lose yourself in the natural wonders of the forest

Every season offers new and curious opportunities to learn about our environment. Spring with its crisp blue skies and icy-lakes, Summer's juicy blueberries and lush green forests, and our favorite time, Autumn! Wild mushrooms and earthly hues of yellows, oranges, and reds shroud the forest.

We wholeheartedly believe in the saying "good food, good mood" which is why we are committed to providing wholesome dishes and a Finnish-style dining experience within the forest. Our menu is changing with the seasons and always uses quality and fresh ingredients. Every lunch will be cooked over a campfire and comes with coffee/tea and dessert.

Another important detail about this excursion is our destination. We are the only company based in Helsinki to operate in Liesjärvi National Park! It is a truly hidden gem in Southern Finland and we want to share this extraordinary place with fellow nature enthusiasts from around the world.

If you would like to have this trip as a private tour, please contact us here.


Journey for the day

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From Start to Finish: Your Journey for the Day

On this day trip, we spend approximately 4.5 hours within the national park. With transportation from Helsinki, the total length of this nature tour is 7 hours.

Discovering Nature Together
Upon entering into Liesjärvi National Park, the group will embark on their first leg of the journey: A winding forest trail between two freshwater lakes. As we make our way between lakes and forests your guide will be able to provide details about the surroundings and wildlife specific to Finland. This walk takes approximately 1.5 hours at a slow and easy pace.

Open-fire cooking and Finnish style coffee
As we follow our guide along a pristine trail, we will make our way to a scenic lunch spot by the lake. Time to start the fire and begin the cooking! During our lunch break we will be in the perfect area for scenic photo opportunities, exploring the beautiful surroundings, “forest bathing”, conversing, and enjoying the tranquility of the Taiga forest. Lunch break will be approximately 1.5 hours.

Unplug & Recharge in nature
After our lunch break, we will continue to explore the natural beauty of Liesjärvi while walking for roughly one hour making our way back to the starting point. We will drop you off in central Helsinki feeling refreshed and fully charged from this wonderful nature experience. Our return walk will take approximately 1 hour.