A mushroom hunting tour from Helsinki

Finland is one of the world’s best places for foraging wild foods

“As you walk through the forests, your eye catches a glimpse of golden yellow at the foot of an old birch, a small treasure in a sea of green: the chanterelle...”
This guided foraging tour from Helsinki immerses us into the forest and the magical world of fungi. Bright oranges, golden yellows, and deep reds decorate the forest floor. We are in search of Finland's most delicious and prized edible mushrooms, the chanterelle. It is also a personal favourite here at Taiga Times.

• Forage with a professional guide in a national park
• Learn how to identify specific edible mushrooms
• Help prepare and cook your wild fungi finds
• Enjoy a Finnish-style lunch and coffee by the campfire


Searching for wild food has a powerful effect on how people see the natural world

From the end of summer until late autumn, Liesjärvi National Park is a foragers paradise. Aside from the golden chanterelle, our group will be in search of penny buns and trumpet chanterelles. These three prized fungi of the forest are great introductory-level choices to pique your interest in mushroom hunting.

However, as the name suggests, it is a hunt! We cannot always find what we are looking for, and although most of the mushrooms are harmless, there are many poisonous ones too. But not to worry, for your guide will accurately advise and direct you to edible mushrooms and will be available to explain about the ones you have found.

If we collect enough to cook, we will fry them over the campfire for lunch! Fortunately for us, if there are no edible mushrooms to be found, we will still have plenty to scavenge and talk about!


If you would like to have this trip as a private tour, please contact us here.

Journey for the Day

Start of the day:
Meet your guide infront of Kiasma museum and depart from Helsinki @ 9:00 A.M.
Address: Mannerheiminaukio 1H

Enjoy a 1.5 hour scenic drive from Helsinki to the national park, with a brief bathroom break
In the national park:
This foragin excursion begins with a look at the national parks map and a rundown of the days activities.

The first 2 hours include a fun and educational hunt for wild mushrooms. Your guide will take you to their favourite mushroom hunting locations in the national park.

There will be an hour lunch break with free time to explore nature and help prepare today's catch from the forest. After lunch, you will continue walking for around an hour.
End of the day:
The guide will drop you off at the meeting point at approximately 4 P.M. feeling refreshed from this wonderful experience in nature.
Please note that, on some occasions, arrival times may vary slightly.




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