Mushroom hunting

“I had a spare day in Helsinki and am so glad I spent it with Taiga Times! Jeff is a really fun and organised guide and ensured I had a great experience. I highly recommend the 'mushroom hunting' tour, it's almost like a hike in that you do get to experience the national park, but it just has that extra level of activity.” - Edward

Discover and cook edible chanterelles for a delicious meal

“As you walk through the forests, your eye catches a glimpse of golden yellow at the foot of an old birch, a small treasure in a sea of green: the chanterelle...”

During this guided tour you might find one of Finland's most delicious and prized edible mushrooms, the chanterelle. It is also a personal favorite at Taiga Times.

Finland is one of the world’s best places for foraging wild foods

This day trip starts from Helsinki and we will take you to Liesjärvi national park. From the end of summer until late autumn, Liesjärvi National Park is a foragers paradise. At Taiga Times, our guide will take you to the best mushroom hunting spots in the national park, hunting for mushrooms as a peaceful and unique pastime.

However, as the name suggests, it is a hunt! We cannot always find what we are looking for, and although most of the mushrooms are harmless, there are many poisonous ones too. But not to worry, for your guide will accurately advise and direct you to edible mushrooms and will always be available to explain about the ones you have found.

Our group will be on the lookout for trumpet chanterelles, golden chanterelles, and penny buns, three prized fungi of the forest. If we can collect enough for a meal, we will be able to cook them over the campfire for lunch. Fortunately for us, if there are no edible mushrooms to be found, we will still have plenty to scavenge and talk about!


• Fresh flavourful mushrooms handpicked by you
• Learn about wild edible foods from the forest
• Look and taste foraged food
• Finnish-style lunch and coffee by the campfire

If you would like to have this trip as a private tour or booking with less than 16 hours before the start time, please contact us here.
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Journey for the day

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From Start to Finish: Your Journey for the Day

On this day trip we spend approximately 4.5 hours within the national park. With transportation the total length of this nature tour is 7 hours.

Arrival and the Hunt
Once we have arrived at Liesjärvi National Park, our group will begin their hike through the forest to some of our favorite mushroom picking spots. Your guide will tell you what mushrooms can be picked and eaten. You will be hunting the mushrooms in pairs, and each pair is provided with a mushroom basket, knife, and a small handbook. Since the groups are small, your guide will always be able to provide you with personal answers and attend to your needs.

Savory Lunch in the Quiet Forest
When our group has gathered enough mushrooms, we will make our way to the campfire by the lakeside. While your guide starts the fire and prepares a traditional Finnish-style lunch with campfire coffee, there will be plenty of time to take photos, enjoy conversation with one another, and experience the tranquility of the Taiga forest.

Cooking and Provided Transportation
As mentioned earlier, the group may have the chance to cook and taste any mushrooms which have been picked. After lunch, the group will continue to explore the natural beauty of Liesjärvi and we will make our way back to the starting point. We will drop you off in central Helsinki feeling rejuvenated from this wonderful adventure.