Half-day tour from Helsinki

Experience the wild archipelago where the forest meets the sea

Join us to experience a unique side of Helsinki, the quiet nature side. A relaxing walk in this nature reserve highlights why Finland is one of the best outdoor destinations and why Finns enjoy their peace and quiet.

This day trip from Helsinki takes us to Porkkalanniemi; a scenic peninsula that reaches out into the midst of one of the world’s largest archipelagos. Our hike begins on a nature trail surrounded by wild berries, deer trails, outlandish pines and the many curiosities of the Finnish forest.

• A magnificent nature reserve of diverse habitats
• Fantastic photo opportunities along the coast
• An easy and rewarding walk for all levels of fitness
• Finnish-style lunch with a seaside view

Wildlife, Seascapes, Ruins & Tranquility

On your hike in Helsinki's wild archipelago, you will be learning about its many diverse habitats with a qualified wilderness guide. Over rolling rock trails and mossy forest floors, your nature walk will bring you the perfect place for a break overlooking the Baltic Sea. Your guide will prepare a Finnish-style lunch for you to enjoy. While lunch is being prepared, you will be free to take in the wonderful landscapes and find your peace in nature.

Every season is unique in Porkkala and seeing wildlife is a regular occurrence in the nature reserve. During the migration seasons (spring & fall), it is even possible to see great masses of birds covering the sky as they migrate. A spectacle to behold!

We believe that nature heals. Surrounded by natural wonders and incredibly diverse habitats this half-day in the archipelago will rekindle your love for the great outdoors.

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Journey for the day

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From Start to Finish: Your Journey for the Day

A walk through diversity
Our forest hike begins on a trail leading to an open-rock area which is the first display of the many diverse areas Porkkala has to offer. This open-rock area will give us the opportunity to see what effects coastal weather has on the near-by forest. Pine trees that are used to standing tall and true are forced to grow into short disfigured trees which reach for the forest inland.

Historical remnants and a seaside lunch
As we continue on our tour, we will pass through Finland's iconic forests to see ruins from of the Nordic bronze age; an ancient burial cairn or stone grave which has since collapsed. This historical site gives insight into the funeral practices and social and religious structures of northern Europe more than three millennia ago.

Shortly after passing the burial cairn we will find ourselves with a picturesque coastal view. There will be picnic tables to have a break and fill up on a prepared lunch with coffee and tea.

Coastal views and wildlife
The last area of our nature walk is a highly regarded bird watching area with magnificent views of the archipelago. All in all, this day tour will provide you with a relaxed and great getaway from Helsinki, leaving you with your fill of nature.