Frequently Asked Questions

Salamajärvi 5-Night Hiking Tour FAQ

What do I need to pack and carry?

A detailed packing list will be provided upon your reservation.

• You will be carrying your backpack. It is recommended to take 60+ litres that weighs under 20kg.
• Hiking boots that support your ankle and are comfortable for you.
• All camping equipment related to sleeping i.e. tent sleeping bag, sleeping mat (You can rent from Taiga Times)
• We will provide you with a dish set (bowl, cup, spoon)
• Please bring your own personal snacks to eat while hiking and between meals (Protein bars, Jerky, Chocolate, Trail mix etc...)

How long are the days?

The hiking distances range between 11 - 17KM. We will alternate between short and long-distance days. Timing will vary between groups but you must be able to hike 5+ hours daily. We will take many small breaks throughout the day and rest as we need.

Are we sleeping in tents every night?

Yes. We sleep in the national park's dedicated camping areas. On the last night, we will be camping in the Koirasalmi Nature Centre campgrounds (camping fee is included in purchase price).

Are there any bathrooms during the hike?

There are outhouses/dry toilets at every break area (I.E. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Are there any showers?

There are no showers, but on the third day, we will have a Sauna in the wilderness. The sauna will have hot water you can use to freshen up and clean yourself (water comes from the well). And on the last day, we will rent the Koirasalmi sauna on the lake. In addition to the saunas, we are often camping by lakes where you will be free to swim.

I have dietary restrictions/food allergies, is this a problem?

Not a problem at all. Just let us know during your booking so we can prepare and accommodate for different diets.

Do I need to cook my meals?

No, your guides will carry all the cooking equipment (gas, pans, pots..) and prepare the food for every meal.

Are dogs allowed on the hike?

Every year we host a dedicated week that is dog-friendly! Contact us to find out more.

Do I need travel insurance?

Although Taiga Times has liability insurance, it is highly recommended that you also have travel insurance. Please make sure you have all the appropriate insurances that will cover you in case of an accident in the wilderness.

How about if it’s raining?

A week in the wilderness often includes rainy days! A good rain jacket and pants are included in the packing list and should not be left at home.

I do not live in Helsinki, is it possible to be picked up along the way?

It sure is. We only ask that you meet us on time and according to the schedule we have organized. As we use the Lahti (#4) highway, we will be passing by Heinola, Lahti and also Jyväskylä. These are all good hubs to meet us in. Please contact us for more information about possible pick-ups along the way.

Who can I contact before the trip?

You can always send us an email at or call/text Kiia +358 40 560 5305

What is the cancellation policy?

See Cancellation Policy here

Taiga Times has collaborated with Metsähallitus nature services.