5-night hiking trip in a national park

Vast open bogs and wild landscapes await!

Challenge yourself this summer and experience five extraordinary days on the Hirvaan Kierros trail (58km). This guided excursion is for those who already have some experience in hiking/camping and would be interested in trying a longer hike.

The terrain is mostly flat making it very suitable for a first long-distance hike and even the most experienced hikers will enjoy this trail for its magnificent scenery. This 5-day hike will take us through vast open bogs, under ancient pines and spruce trees, and alongside the pristine lakes of Central Finland. This hike will require you have hiking boots, a backpack, a good basic fitness level and the spirit for adventure!

The hike begins and ends in Salamajärvi National Park. The tour includes round trip transportation from Helsinki to Salamajärvi, two guides (male and female), all meals, and the route and safety plan so you can enjoy the hike worry-free and focus on your connection with nature. We also rent tents and sleeping gear if needed.

Forest Reindeers, duckboards, and saunas

We spend a total of five nights in a tent and the Hirvaan Kierros is a ring route, so we will end the trip in the same place where we've started. The trail has varied terrain types and many duckboards (wooden platforms over the bog). The duckboards make hiking easier and since there is not much change in elevation, we can hike long days without too much wear on our bodies. The length of days are between 11-17km (Approx. 5-9 hours including breaks). We will always hike to the pace of the group and the long summer evenings allow us to take our time and stop for breaks when we need and enjoy the nature which surrounds us.

The trail will provide many natural surprises and breathtaking moments including great opportunities to see wildlife. The park is known for its population of wild forest reindeer which were near extinct only a few decades before. One of our favourite highlights during the hike is the ability to have a sauna in the wilderness on day 3. There will also be a sauna on the last night which we have rented just for our group. What better way than with a sauna on a lake to end an amazing week with great people!

This hiking trip requires some previous experience of camping and hiking with a backpack. If you do not have any experience yet, we recommend hiking with a backpack in advance and alternatively, you can also try our two-night hiking trip in Isojärvi National Park to prepare for this trip.

* Rentable gear includes:
• 2-person tent - 40€ / tent
• Complete sleep system (Sleeping bag, mattress, and liner) - 30€ / person

** Detailed packing list provided after booking



Journey for the day

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From Start to Finish: Your five-night adventure

Camping comfortably
The starting point for our excursion will be at 9 a.m. from Helsinki city centre (Kamppi area) unless agreed otherwise. The drive is approx. 6 hours from Helsinki including breaks.

When we arrive in Salamajärvi national park, we will hike 4 km (1.5 hours) to our first campsite to enjoy dinner around the campfire, talk about the plan for the week, and setup our tents for a good night sleep.

The next morning will begin our longest journey for the week. 17km total. 9.8km before our lunch break and the remaining 7.4km after our bellies are full of food.
Upon arriving at the campsite we will prepare for dinner and setup camp. If the weather is right, now is a good time to go for a swim!

Day 3
This day will be approx. 11 km total. The morning will start off with breakfast and a relaxed feel to start our day. After 6.6 km of hiking we will stop for lunch and continue on for another 4km. An easy day with an old forest rangers sauna at the end on our journey.

Day 4
Another big day ahead of us! 15km. of hiking broken up with a lunch break near a national park wilderness cabin. Fresh water from the well and a relaxed pace will keep you fresh today.

Day 5
Homestretch. 11km back to our beginning point. We will make it mid-day to setup camp and enjoy a private sauna rented out on the lake.

Day 6 - Returning to Civilization
Back to the city we go! Our trip will be much the same on the way home approx. 6 hours with coffee and food breaks along the way.

Congratulations! You have just conquered the Hirvaan Kierros and a had a great time doing it!

September: 11.-16.9.2023

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