Layover tour from Helsinki Airport

Don't wait in the airport, wait by a lake

It is excruciating to wait hours in the airport for a connecting flight. If you have a 5+ hour layover and would like to get a breath of fresh air, then our stopover trip is perfect for you. You will enjoy the peace of nature which helps tremendously with travel stress.

Splendid views of Tuusula Lake

Finland is well known for its nature and is strongly involved in their lifestyle and culture. On this trip we will pick you up from the airport and take you on a short journey (25-minute drive) away to Lake Tuusula. During this guided tour you will see the beauty of Finnish landscapes finely mixed with its culture.

Tuusula Lake area is also known for its gorgeous scenery and cultural heritage. It is home to many famous Finnish artists such as Composer Jean Sibelius, National writer Aleksis Kivi, Poet Eino Leino, and visual artist Pekka Halonen; It was at Tuusula Lake that he created one of his best-known winter scenery paintings.

Lunch by the Lake and a Pine Forest Walk

After we have picked you up from the airport we will stop in our favorite café on the lake for a small lunch and a coffee/tea. Once we have eaten and freshened up, we will continue on to Sarvikallio for a short walk. This will put us on top of an open rock pine forest with an incredible view of Lake Tuusula. At this point we can relax and enjoy the awesome serenity Finland has to offer. Even if for only a moment you have forgotten about your long days travelling, this trip will be worth it.

After our walk, the guide will drive you back to the airport. The total length of this trip is approximately 3 hours. We highly recommend you have at least 5 hours layover to be sure you will make it to your connecting flight.


• Reduce stress of travel in nature’s serenity
• Easy refreshing walk
• Lunch and coffee provided from local café
• Experience Finland as a local would

If you are already in Helsinki and interested in this trip, please contact us directly and we will customize it to your liking. If need be, we can pick you up from the airport and drop you off at your accommodation.

Price may vary for customized trips.