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A 3-Night Winter Adventure

A guided adventure experience in the winter wilderness of Salamajärvi National Park

Wintertides is a breathtaking all-inclusive 3-night excursion that takes you from the wintery streets of Helsinki to the snow-covered forests of Salamajärvi National Park. During your stay in the national park, you will be guided on three unique winter treks: one takes us over a frozen lake on forest skis, another in search of the wild reindeer and an evening excursion to witness nature at night and hunt for the aurora borealis. You will also enjoy an amazing wood-fire sauna on a frozen lake and an evening dinner inside of a traditional Finnish wilderness hut.

The perfect winter getaway from Helsinki into the Wild

Your accommodation and all winter activities take place inside of Salamajärvi National Park. This winter tour from Helsinki gives us the advantage of having little to no light pollution for stargazing, and since this is a very off-the-beaten-path destination, a great opportunity to experience the silence and enchanting beauty of winter and it's wildlife.

What's Included:
• Full accommodation & board (3 nights, 3 x Breakfast, 2 x Lunch, 3 x Dinner)
• Transportation
• 3 Guided Treks includes all rentals (Skis/snowshoes)
• 2-hour Sauna & Ice swimming Experience
• Stargazing and Campfire Experience
• Detailed winter packing list
• Professional Guide (24/7)

Know before you book:
• Two to four guests per room
• Travel insurance is mandatory


Trip Itinerary

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From Start to Finish: Your winter wonderland adventure

Day 1 - Arrival & Night Safari - Painted Skies
We will be departing from the groups pre-arranged pick-up point at 9 AM and driving north to our accommodation within Salamajärvi National Park.
First we will settle into our rooms and we will enjoy some coffee & tea-time snacks while going through the 3-day itinerary.
On your first evening in the national park, you will be guided on a nature at night experience through the snowy forests around your accommodation. If the conditions are right, the sky will be painted with stars and we may even see the magical northern lights.
After returning from our night safari (Approx. 2 hours), we will enjoy a hot dinner before turning in.

Day 2 - Forest Skis & Sauna - Icebreakers
Our second day will be spent both above and below the frozen lakes of Salamajärvi national park. A fulfilling breakfast will be served before setting off by forest skis or snowshoes* over a frozen lake. Our lunch will be cooked over a warm campfire in the silence and serene winter wonderland.
*An introduction to forest skis and snowshoeing will be given beforehand. We can decide based on the weather and group which activity will be better for the excursion.
After a full day adventure, we will relax and enjoy the most important aspect of Finnish culture: the sauna! And of course, a dip into the freezing water if you dare.

Day 3 - Snowshoeing & Wilderness hut BBQ - Wild ones
As per usual, we will start off with a hearty breakfast before departing on our day in the wildlands of Salamajärvi.
This national park is home to some of the last wild reindeer in Finland. The reindeer found in Lapland belong to the herders, the ones we are in search of today belong only to nature. Near extinct only decades before.. We will search along known reindeer trails and gathering places.
Our evening will be spent having a barbecue inside of a cozy and traditional Finnish wilderness hut.

Day 4 - Departure - Transfer to Helsinki
Our last breakfast together will be held a 9 AM before beginning our transfer back to Helsinki. The group will be dropped off at the pre-arranged drop-off point.

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