A Foraging tour in Nuuksio national park

Explore a forest full of delicious surprises

The Cellar in the Forest takes you on a journey into the kitchen of Mother Nature. A kitchen that is ever-growing and always organic. The forests in Finland supply families with a wide variety of ingredients that are changing with each season. You will walk in a national park with a professional wilderness guide who has studied edible herbs, berries, and mushrooms.

This nature day tour from Helsinki takes us to the famous Nuuksio national park. This national park is known for its spectacular landscapes created during the Ice Age. Valleys and ravines among a forest full of delicious surprises.

• Learn about nature and wild foods with a professional wilderness guide
• Visit a pristine Finnish national park
• Forage for wild foods in peace
• Cook and use your foraged foods in the national park

Every story is unique when it begins in the wild

Our story will be directed by the season and what wild foods we can find in its cellar. From spring to autumn, we will be in search of wild herbs such as wood sorrels and nettle or wild berries like blueberries, raspberries and lingonberries, and some of nature’s finest fungi, the golden chanterelle and picturesque porcini.

Our foraged bounty will be enjoyed in the same way a Finn might use them. This can include sprucing up a salad, creating a creamy mushroom sauce, or even making our lingonberry jam!

If you would like to have this trip as a private tour or booking with less than 16 hours before the start time, please contact us here.


Journey for the day

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From Start to Finish: Your Journey for the Day

On this day trip we spend approximately 3.5 hours within the national park. With transportation the total length of this nature tour is 5 hours.

Foraging in a national park
After driving to Nuuksio national park (Approx. 45 min) we will start our foraging hike on a nature path. The wilderness guide will be able to show you what are we foraging for on that day and lead you through the magnificent national park forest.

Enjoy lunch with your wild food
After approximately 2 hours in the park (walking & foraging), we will come to the campfire and start preparing lunch. The guide will serve a seasonal Finnish-lunch and together with it, we can enjoy our foraged wild foods.

Returning to the city after a relaxed day
After a wholesome lunch, we will begin our journey back to Helsinki. With full stomachs and a relaxed day in nature, you will leave the forest fulfilled!