Nature at night

“Despite the dark (we each had torches) and slightly spooky vibe at points, I felt completely safe and secure with my guide. I'd encourage any visitor to this beautiful country to 'get out there' and I'm so glad to have discovered Taiga Times, who I'm sure will be taking me on other trips next time I'm in Helsinki.” - Jennifer

As your sense of sight diminishes the other senses begin to develop

Join us on a truly unique excursion into Sipoonkorpi National Park by nightfall. This short evening trip will start from Helsinki and take you into a national park which is only 30 minutes by car from the city center. During the evening, it will be very quiet in the park as most visitors have gone home already.

Walking through the forest after dark is a wonderful experience and will surely be an emotional ride for those who have never done it. Our imaginations tend to go into overdrive and before we know it old fallen trees and boulders start taking on the shape of lions, tigers, and bears!

Luckily, we do not have any lions or tigers in Finland…

Sipoonkorpi National Park is home to an array of nocturnal mammals and birds

Fortunately for us we will have plenty of natural distractions to keep our imagination at bay. Sipoonkorpi National Park is home to an array of nocturnal mammals and birds. The most fascinating to us being the Eurasian eagle-owl with its activity focused in the first few hours after sunset. Vocal activity is almost entirely confined to the colder months from late fall through winter.

Equipped with a professional guide and flashlights your journey will no doubt be safe! Our walk takes place on a very wide and well-maintained trail which is easy to navigate in the night. After a short walk through the forest we will end up at the campfire location where we can drink hot juice and barbecue Finnish sausages.

• Explore a national park at night in a safe environment
• Look and listen for the mysterious eagle-owl and other nocturnal animals
• Enjoy a campfire with a barbecue and hot drink
• Great opportunity to stargaze and see the moonrise

  • guest looking at campfire during nighttime inside a hut
  • guide cooking over a campfire during nighttime
  • guide in a night forest walking with a flaslight
  • night time picture of a national park forest
  • woman and man walking in a national park during nigth with flashlights
  • people barbecue snack over a campfire in a national park

Journey for the day

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From Start to Finish: Your Journey for the Day

A mystical walk during nightfall
Once we have arrived to the national park, our walk begins on a wide and maintained forest trail. The trail is considered easy and suitable for everyone. As the walk commences your guide will be there to tell you interesting facts about the surrounding area and help identify and odd wildlife sounds you may come across in the dark.

The silence of night and the crackling of fire
Our nature at night walk will begin with roughly 20 minutes of walking. We will then arrive at our campfire where we can warm up. We will grill sausages and enjoy a hot drink while enjoying the beautiful setting nature provides. The campfire site is located on a lake giving us optimal viewing for stargazing and fantastic moonlit settings on a clear night.

Returning to civilization!
After our campfire break and nightly exploring it is time to head back. We will walk back on the same path from which we came. This excursion is meant to give you a glimpse into the possibilities of camping and nature based activities possible in Finland after dark. You will be brought back to Helsinki feeling relaxed and in wonder from this awesome and unique nature excursion at night.

If you would like to have this trip as a private tour or booking with less than 6 hours before the start time, please contact us here.