Two nights in Isojärvi national park

Exploring the hills and valleys of Isojärvi national park

Spend two nights camping in the wilderness of Central Finland. This relatively unknown national park has many wonders within. Beavers have made their presence known around every corner and atop every hill lies a humbling view.

This two-night journey was designed to challenge those hikers and campers who have a limited amount of experience camping. We at Taiga Times will take care of all the food, routes, and safety planning so that you can focus on getting comfortable in the outdoors.

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Marvel at the dams created by beavers and the crystal clear water of Lake Isojärvi

The complete route will be approximately 20 kilometres total. We will hike within the group pace while enjoying the landscape and nature around us. Our first-day hiking is about around 4km through diverse landscapes and, we will pass a pond where we have seen beavers. The second day will be 10.6 kilometres and will offer us a view of the crystal clear waters of Lake isojärvi and towering green caverns under the old-growth forest. On the third day, we hike around 3km and our hike will take us through a range of beautiful areas with many ups and downs.

As with every good camping trip, there must be time to relax and enjoy nature. Every evening we will have the chance to sit by the fire, enjoy the evenings and even go for a swim if the weather is right. This is absolutely stunning hike will have you already planning the next one.

* Rentable gear includes:
• 2-person tent - 20€
• Complete sleep system (Sleeping bag, mattress, and liner) - 15€

** Detailed packing list provided after purchase

This camping trip requires a minimum of 4 passengers for departure. Contact us for more questions here or at


Journey for the day

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From Start to Finish: Your two-night excursion

Camping comfortably
The starting point and time for our excursion will be from Helsinki city centre at 9:00 A.M. unless agreed otherwise. The drive is approx. 3 hours from Helsinki.

When we arrive in Isojärvi national park, we will make a quick lunch by the Heretty Information Centre and check our backpacks before heading on the trail.

Our first hike is approx. 6km we spend our night camping at Vahterjärvi. Upon arriving at the campsite we will set up our tents, and the guide will show you the best spots. If we are not too tired we can sit by the fire and enjoy the evening.

Second day
In the morning, your guides will be up and cooking breakfast at 8 a.m. Coffee and tea will be ready by the fire to prepare you for the beautiful day ahead! Take some time to pack your bags after breakfast and we will start the day's hike.

The second day is approx. 10.6 KM and will take us through many incredible landscapes, one of our favourites is the towering mossy rock wall with a small cave below. It looks like a nice place for a bear or forest troll to sleep.

Our lunch break will be during the hike at a designated campsite. Not much further to go! The walk has many ups and downs so we will take the hike at an easy pace and enjoy our surroundings as we walk taking breaks at scenic points. Once we have arrived at the Kuorejärvi campsite, we will set up our tents and rest our feet. Your guides will have dinner ready shortly after arriving. Yum!

Third day
Our morning coffee and breakfast will be served a little after 8 a.m. and the last hike is about 3km. We will be back in Helsinki approximately between 1-2 pm.

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