Full-day snowshoe tour from Helsinki

See the stories of the wildlife written in the snow

This tour is currently not available. Please check out our Winter Wonderland Hike as a great alternative.

Snowshoeing is a one of a kind experience and easy for everyone to learn. Join us on a magical walk through Liesjärvi national park into your own personal winter wonderland.

During this guided tour we will snowshoe through a breathtaking landscape carved by time and shrouded by old growth forest which remains teeming with life even in the winter. Beneath a thick blanket of snow, the forest is alive and well, you will see the stories of wildlife on the surface of the snow as the fox tracks follow the hares and the willow grouse burrows his way alongside our trail.

• Learn how to snowshoe with a professional guide
• See “tykkilumi” spruces holding over 1000 kg of snow on a single tree
• Walk off the tracks
• Traditional Finnish-style lunch inside Winter Kota (traditional Finnish hut)

Explore the park in peace

Our snowshoe excursion is perfect for those who would like to escape the city and spend their day experiencing winter in the wilderness. You don’t need to have any previous experience since our guide will teach you all you need to know about snowshoeing. The small group size offers an intimate experience in nature and allows your guide to attend to individual questions and needs.

A hidden gem of Southern Finland

This day trip starts from Helsinki and we will take you to Liesjärvi national park. It is one of Finland’s oldest national park and we consider it the hidden gem of Southern Finland, since it is located 100 km from Helsinki. Liesjärvi is free from the overly populated crowds of international visitors, letting us explore the park in peace.


If you would like to have this trip as a private tour or booking with less than 16 hours before the start time, please contact us here.


Journey for the day

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From Start to Finish: Your Journey for the Day

On this day trip we spend approximately 4.5 hours within the national park. With transportation the total length of this nature tour is 7 hours.

Testing the limits of snowshoes
Once we have arrived at the national park, the group will begin their journey through the forest making our own trail and testing the limits of snowshoes. During the adventure, your guide will provide details about the surroundings and instructions on different techniques used while snowshoeing.

Warm up in a traditional Finnish wilderness hut
After an hour of snowshoeing, we will arrive at a beautiful wilderness hut which will be heated by our campfire. While your guide starts the fire and begins preparing a traditional Finnish-style lunch and campfire coffee, there will be plenty of time to take photos, explore the beautiful surroundings, talk, make snow angels and enjoy the tranquility of Finland’s Taiga forest.

Capture the mysticism of the Taiga
After lunch, the snowshoeing will continue as we explore the beauty of Liesjärvi under the towering snow-covered spruces. After snowshoeing for roughly one hour, the group will make their way back to the starting point, feeling refreshed and fully charged from this unique experience in nature.