Wild Camping in the Archipelago

Spend a night outdoors & connect with nature

Everyone can be comfortable camping, you only need to find your opening. Join us for this relaxed camping trip and recharge your inner batteries.

There are certain elements that will not change in any trip. You will always need to eat, sleep, and play. Sounds simple enough right? Well, it is, but it can easily turn into an overwhelming task which involves a big shopping list and a whole lot of unnecessary stress.

We would like to take you camping and give you fun and comfortable tenting experience. We will teach you the basics about camping and give you hands-on experience with the different types of equipment you will run into when visiting your local outdoor shop.

If you are already comfortable camping and looking for a challenge, check out our two-night excursion in Isojärvi National Park or five-night excursion on the 58KM Hirvaan Kierros.

In the evening we will stop to enjoy the sunset, barbecue, and explore different ideas about camping and sustainability while outdoors.

This evening trip will take place in the amazing Porkkala peninsula. A protected coastal region 50 mins. from Helsinki and the perfect camping grounds for a night outside. Known for its scenic coastline and wildlife, we will have the chance to both explore nature and learn about the basics of camping.

We believe that nature heals. Surrounded by natural wonders and incredibly diverse habitats this overnight experience in the archipelago will leave you wanting to rekindle your love for the outdoors.

This camping trip requires a minimum of 4 passengers for departure. Contact us for more questions here or at info@taigatimes.com

During this camping trip, you will:

Journey for the day

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From Start to Finish: Your Journey for the day

Camping comfortably
The starting point for our excursion will be in Helsinki city centre (Kamppi area) unless agreed otherwise. The drive is 50 mins. from Helsinki.

When we arrive in Porkkala, the campground is a short walk from the parking lot. We will have a small introduction to the evening program and with the help of your guide, begin setting up our sleeping places (tents, sleeping bags, & mattress).

An evening walk under a setting sun
Once our tents are set up, we will regroup and go for a relaxed evening hike. Time to keep our eyes open for the locals of the area (whitetail deer, foxes, moose, & many birds). During our hike, we will stop to enjoy the sunset, and explore different ideas about camping and sustainability while outdoors.

Build the fire, tell stories, & roast marshmellows
Later on, we will build a campfire together (and do some woodwork!). Now would be a good time to talk about safety and firemaking. We will mix up some Canadian camping traditions and roast marshmallows as well! Because why not Eh?

After we are full of food and campfire stories, it is time to head to bed. In the morning time, we will begin to prepare breakfast at 8 a.m. After breakfast, it is time to take down the tent, pack our bags, and return to civilization.