Family Fun in Nature

“One of our best moments in Helsinki was the visit to the forest guided by Jeff and Kiia! Very knowledgeable of the place, extremely concerned with our well-being and that of our children, always attentive to details. If it weren't for them, it would have been difficult to enjoy nature walking so much, just a few kilometers from Helsinki. If we ever return, we count on them to continue exploring and strolling through absolutely incredible places.” - Alexandra

Enjoy a fulfilling and fun day in remote nature away from large groups

Take a break from the messy finger painting and tablet time and spend your day outdoors! This day trip is designed to be fun and have your child(ren) immersed and actively learning about the forests and animals in the area.

Spending time in the forest will help relieve stress and improve focus giving your family a much-needed break from our current situation and day to day lives. Join us on this private day trip to Porkkalaniemi approximately 50 minutes from Helsinki.

• Active learning and immersion for the whole family
• Spend time outdoors in a fresh and remote setting
• Easy walk designed for all ages
• Prepared lunch and dessert with a seaside view

Living by the gates of nature

A walk into the forest brings us on a maintained nature trail with countless smaller trails made by deers, foxes, moose and more.

Keep your eyes on the forest and look for the many plants and animals which can be found on a treasure hunt sheet which we provide. Over 15 different species to find during our remote and peaceful walk through the forest. Who will find the most?

During our forest treasure hunt, we will stop to enjoy snacks with a beautiful sea view. The guide will make you a small private campfire where you can cook sausages on the stick and enjoy a small berry pie dessert. This tour is private so only your family will be attending (and the guide) with private transportation which we clean and disinfect after every use.

We believe that nature heals. Surrounded by natural wonders and incredibly diverse habitats this half-day nature excursion will leave your family wanting to rekindle their love for the outdoors.

For bookings/requests contact us here, by email: or call +358 40 560 5305.

Journey for the day

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From Start to Finish: Your Journey for the Day

Clean and private family trip
The guide will pick you up from your home at the agreed time. After you have arrived in Porkkala (drive estimate 50min from downtown Helsinki) the guide will provide everyone with the Taiga Treasure Hunt Sheet.

Hand's on and active learning
You will start your journey by walking with the guide on a nature path. He will tell you about the wildlife around you and you will have a fun time trying to find all the marked spots/plants!

After about an hour of exploring you will arrive at the lunch spot where the guide will make a private fire for your family. We provide you sausages (vegetarian option at request), which you can cook for yourself on the stick, dessert and juice.

Coastal views and wildlife
After a snack break, you will continue walking over a beautiful rocky area and most likely spot some swans! The walk will bring us back around to our starting point where we will begin our return back to your drop off point.

The total length for this trip is 4-4,5 hours with transportation and approx. 2.5 hours will be spent in Porkkala.